• Japanese Whisky


    Akashi Single Malt Sherry Cask Whisky

    94 Points James Suckling

    A unique blend, of sherry, brandy, bourbon, wine, American oak and even ex-shochu barrels allows for uniquely Japanese Single Malt. Smooth with lots of yellow apple, powder sugar, angelica fruits with hints of sea air. 

    750ml Price $299.99


    Hibiki Suntory Harmony Whisky

    91 Points Wine Enthusiast – Top 100 Spirits 2016

    The newest blended whisky offering from Hibiki is burnished gold in the glass and has a bold aroma that mixes vanilla, fresh pear and a hint of smoke. The smokiness comes forward at the first sip, wrapping around a core of oak and vanilla custard and finishing long, with a mouthwatering bitter chocolate note.

    750ml Price $69.99


    Iwai Mars Whisky

    Kiichiro Iwai, the name sake for this Mars Whisky, was a silent pioneer of Japan whisky. This whisky is inspired by great whiskies of America. A majority of corn balanced with light malt aged in ex bourbon barrels. Ideal for daily sipping, in a mint julep or an old fashioned.  Sweet with fruit flavors like pear, quince and hints of red fruits and vanilla.

    750ml Sale Price $39.99


    Iwai Tradition Mars Whisky

    This is malt driven spirit is truly a reflection of contemporary Japanese whisky. Incredibly balanced, soft and layered. A blending of sherry, bourbon and wine casks with hints delicate hints of peat make for a harmonious whisky that would make Iwai-san proud. Ripe Cherry, honey toffee with a beautiful ginger spice. 

    750ml Price $59.99


    Kikori Japanese Whisky

    97 Points James Suckling

    Distilled in Japan, and made from 100% rice, Kikori Whiskey is a smooth and welcome newcomer to the whiskey category. Aged for 3+ years in American Oak, French Limousin oak and Sherry casks, Kikori is golden and pure in color with a floral and fragrant aroma and a velvety smoothness to the palate. Kikori Whiskey is pure water, quality ingredients, careful aging, meticulous blending and Japanese attention to detail-all combined to perfection. At 82 proof, Kikori delivers a distinctively different style of whiskey that is memorable, delicate and delicious.

    750ml Price $45.99


    Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky

    92 Points Whisky Advocate

    While many dads have long decided to stick to what they like, some dads continue to seek novelty and adventure, whether by hang-gliding, surfing, or just trying new spirits. So maybe dad has been hearing about this new breed of Asian whisky everyone’s slobbering over and is eager to try it for himself. It doesn’t matter how much you love him, though-most of the top Kavalans and Yamazakis are way too expensive to procure, if you can even find them. A splendid affordable and locatable option, however, is this corn (with a small amount of malt) whisky made from continuous distillation using Coffey stills. The grain whisky is initially light and fruity, finishing with some fudge and toffee notes.

    750ml Price $79.00


    Nikka Pure Malt Taketsuru Whisky

    93 Points Wine Enthusiast

    The luxe aroma mixes rich butterscotch and apple sweetness. On the palate, this whisky is light and gentle, interspersing fruit and smoke and finishing with a spark of cinnamon heat. Add a splash of water; recommended for sipping. Top 100 Spirits 2016.

    750ml Price $79.99


    Ohishi Brandy Cask Whisky

    This is a single cask whisky from Japan matured in ex-brandy casks. Silky and smooth on the palate with soft floral notes accented by very light oak spice and rich candied apple flavors. It is elegant and complex. Each cask is limited to just a few hundred bottles.

    750ml Price $79.99


    Ohishi Sherry Cask Whisky

    This Single Sherry Cask Whisky is a unique spirit from Japan. Deep, rich sherry and dates cover the palate. The whisky is complex in its structure and balanced, but still elegant and smooth. The finish has a touch of oak spice and raisins.

    750ml Price $79.99