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    angels envy rye

    Angel’s Envy Rye

    The folks at Angel’s Envy once again push the envelope with this 95% rye whiskey finished in Caribbean rum casks. Vibrant, spicy rye notes (cinnamon and mint) are tamed by rich maple syrup, graham cracker crust, nutty toffee, candy floss, subtle tropical fruit, and creamy vanilla. Warm, spicy, rummy finish.

    750ml Price $99.99

    angels envy cask strength

    Angel’s Envy Cask Strength – Wooden Box

    90 PTS Whiskey Advocate

    Initially, it’s extremely perfume-like, with floral notes often found in fragrances. Then the fruit completely takes over: banana, blueberry, plums, cherry, apple, pear, and quince. Of these, the banana lingers until chocolate and vanilla enter the picture, followed by hints of green pepper and graham cracker. Then, boom, baking spices launch into a lovely medium to long finish. 124.5 proof

    750ml Price $299.99


    Barrell Bourbon Batch 012 9 year old 108.5 proof

    Sumptuous and lush, Batch 12 fills the mouth with late summer fruit jam and dollops of fresh whipped cream on hot brioche bread pudding. The multi-minute finish is rich with chocolate and heady rye notes.

    750ml Price $89.99


    Barrell Bourbon Cask Strength 2018 111.2 proof

    Christmas cake explodes from the glass, studded with slivered almonds, prunes, and black currents. The lightly roasted coffee note drifting up is reminiscent of the New Orleans classic, Café Brulôt, where clove studded oranges are floated in brandy, set aflame, then slowly extinguished with black coffee.

    750ml Price $99.99


    Barterhouse Orphan Barrel Bourbon 20 year old

    96 PTS Wine Enthusiast

    This is from a series of old and rare limited-edition whiskies released by Diageo from their Stitzel-Weller warehouses. It’s silky and surprisingly gentle for a 20-year-old whiskey, with notes of creamy caramel, brown sugar and touches of tropical fruit and allspice. It finishes remarkably long, with gentle vanilla sweetness.

    750ml Price $129.99


    Basil Hayden’s Bourbon

    The recipe of this remarkable bourbon dates back to 1796, when Basil Hayden himself was a master distiller. Hayden was born and raised in Maryland, where he learned to make whiskey from rye. When he came to Kentucky, Hayden began making whiskey from a base of corn, but added a higher percentage of rye than other distillers, resulting in a smooth, mild bourbon that was distinctly his own

    750ml Price $53.99

    blade and bow bourbon

    Blade And Bow Bourbon

    Aged in new charred American white oak barrels, this bourbon has a subtle aroma of fresh fruit and a taste that includes hints of dried apricot, ripe pear and a sweet roasted grain. The finish has notes of charred oak and warm winter spices. If you are a collector of the key, ask which numbers we have.

    750ml Price $59.99


    Blanton’s Bourbon

    93 PTS Ultimate Beverage Challenge

    Earthy and musky vanilla notes align with a hint of tobacco, red berry fruit, and smoky clove to create a beautiful bouquet. Opens with a hint of spicy red pepper on the palate yet vanilla and cigar box crescendo and linger on a silken finish.

    750ml Price $89.99

    bower hill barrel reserve

    Bower Hill Barrel Reserve Bourbon

    Distilled and aged in Louisville, this bourbon has a warm amber appearance and an aroma of vanilla spice and rich charred oak. On the palate, there are more spicy oak tannins complemented by lush fruits and wheat toast, leading to a long, smooth finish of caramel and popcorn.

    750ml Price $59.99

    bower hill reserve rye

    Bower Hill Reserve Rye

    Bottled at 86 proof, the Reserve Rye has an amber appearance with a light mint, toasted rye and clove aroma, the company says, with a taste of oak with a spicy and medium finish.

    750ml Price $79.99

    bower hill single barrel

    Bower Hill Single Barrel Bourbon

    Distilled and aged in Louisville, Kentucky, Bower Hill Single Barrel Bourbon has a warm amber appearance and an aroma of vanilla spice and rich, charred oak. On the palate, there are more spicy oak tannins complemented by lush fruits and wheat toast, leading to a long finish.

    750ml Price $89.99

    colonel e h taylor single barrel

    Colonel E. H. Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon

    97 PTS Ultimate Beverage Challenge

    A tell-tale bourbon nose of vanilla and toffee hold just a hint of higher alcohol. The palate is vibrant with smooth alcohol warmth, maraschino cherries, butterscotch, and vanilla beans kissed by char. A long, lingering, warm finish.

    750ml Price $79.99

    colonel e h taylor small batch

    Colonel E. H. Taylor Small Batch Bourbon

    98 PTS Ultimate Beverage Challenge

    Honeyed oats and minerals are refreshing on the nose. The flavors in the mouth are long and complex, starting with honey sweetened cream of wheat, then grainy toasted wood, and finally vanilla creme brulee.

    750ml Price $79.99


    Entrapment Orphan Barrel Rye 25 year old

    A smooth aroma of vanilla, toffee and toasted oak notes which are surprisingly delicate for this 25 year old whiskey. The palette offers a light and creamy texture with hints of tobacco and walnut, and gives way to a warm and dried fruit finish that doesn’t linger. The barrels for Entrapment came from Canada and was bottled in Tennessee.

    750ml Price $199.99


    Handcock’s Presidents Reserve Bourbon

    This Single Barrel bourbon whiskey is deep amber in color. The nose is light and sweet with traces of mango and papaya. The body is full and the palate shows a nice balance of honey, clover, fruit and a dash of spice. The finish is long and warm.

    750ml Price $79.99


    High West – A Midwinter Nights Dram Rye

    98 PTS Wine Enthusiast

    This limited-edition blend of straight rye whiskeys finished in French oak and former port barrels offers huge, rounded notes of rich toffee, dark fruit, orange peel and mulling spices. It’s almost like a wintry whiskey punch in a bottle. The language on the label winks at Shakespeare, making this a special gift for a theater lover as well as a whiskey lover.

    750ml Price $159.99


    The Hilhaven Lodge Whiskey

    93 PTS Wine Enthusiast – Top 100 Spirits of 2017

    A blend of whiskey styles (Bourbon, rye and Tennessee whiskey) yields a golden spirit with a gentle peach nectar and almond profile, underpinned by oaky vanilla and a cinnamon-clove finish. Feels light, sips well. This is a collaboration between Diageo and Hollywood director Brett Ratner.

    750ml Price $69.99


    Hochstadter’s Family Reserve Rye 16 year old

    Made from 100 percent farm-grown rye grain and aged 16 years in newly charred American Oak Barrels, this rare and bold offering is sourced from Alberta Distillers Limited and bottled at cask strength in Philadelphia, PA. The end result is unfiltered, undiluted and full-flavored, delivering an intense explosion of robust rye flavor.

    750ml Price $249.99


    Kentucky Owl Rye Whiskey 11 year old

    The nose on this rye has elements of sweet pine, honey, nougat, vanilla, cloves and lavender. Oaky undertones, subtle cedar saw dust or fresh split cedar. Rich in consistency and not forwardly spicy on the nose. It immediately coats the entire palate and nutmeg and cinnamon give way to pepper spice with vanilla on the front and anise across the middle. Subtle cinnamon spice clings to the finish.

    750ml Price $149.99


    Koval Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

    92 PTS Wine Advocate

    Wine Enthusiast 91 points – Burnished gold, this rye has aromas of vanilla and coconut. A faint sweetness shows on the palate, with initial notes of coconut and almond, while the finish is gently spiced and drying. This certified organic whiskey is versatile for cocktails. Top 100 Spirits 2016.

    750ml Price $45.99


    Koval Single Barrel Rye Whiskey

    This is no ordinary rye, because it doesn’t come from an ordinary distillery. Despite being 100% rye grain, this whiskey is fresh and light with a maple-y, candy corn entry and a kiss of spice on the “finish.”

    750ml Price $45.99


    Lock Stock & Barrel Rye 16 year old

    92 PTS Wine Advocate

    Another Lock Stock & Barrel all rye-grain whisky from the pot still at Alberta Distillers. To the sweet oak caramels, vanilla, and potent spiciness of new charred American oak barrels, it adds spring flowers, blistering black pepper, and blackstrap molasses. Firewood, Smith Brothers black cough drops, and new leather bring dimension to ever-present cloves and egg-noggy nutmeg. Canada balsam, licorice, cherries, clean oak, and the heat of high proof, then a long, hot, sweet and spicy finish with vegetal undertones.

    750ml Price $199.99


    Michter’s Bourbon 10 year old

    Aged in charred white oak American barrels for 10 years, for a special flavor that can only develop by aging for this long. Subdued and mellow, yet complex with spice.

    750ml Price $299.99


    Michter’s Unblended American Whiskey US 1

    Nose of caramel, sugar wafers, and a touch of just-ripe nectarine. Sweet/smooth in the mouth, with sweet mint, rock candy, and gliding King syrup flavors slipping all over the tongue, while oak notes provide high spiciness. Finishes with a lingering light sweetness, like a dissolving sugar flake. With all the sweetness, though, it doesn’t cloy. Nice, if not complex.

    750ml Price $47.99


    Michter’s Sour Mash Whiskey

    Michter’s Original Sour Mash Whiskey made a triumphant return in 2012 with its introduction into the US 1. Staying true to the profile and palette of its predecessor, Michter’s US 1 Sour Mash has quickly become a favorite of whiskey. Rich cinnamon entry with notes of butter and almond with a peppery finish

    750ml Price $49.99


    Michter’s Straight Rye US 1

    Our US*1 Rye is made from select American rye grain that is sheared to enable the saturation of more flavor during fermentation. It is then aged in a heated warehouse. This premium rye has hints of light spice, black pepper, marmalade and plum, spicy grain and light caramel.

    750ml Price $46.99


    Michter’s Toasted Barrel Rye 108.6 proof

    Enhanced spice notes with delicate chocolate overtones balanced by some vanilla and honey, hints of roasted nuts and dates, with a lingering finish of burnt brown sugar reminiscent of crème brûlée complemented by some smokey campfire highlights.

    750ml Price $99.99


    Noah’s Mill Bourbon 114.3 proof

    One of the most lush and rich Whiskeys on the market. The nose is walnuts, prunes, and floral notes. The palate mimics the nose with walnuts, prunes, spices, intertwined with lavender and balanced with the perfect amount of acid, that leads you down a path of lingering burnt caramel.

    750ml Price $59.99


    Rhetoric Orphan Barrel Bourbon 22 year old

    Rhetoric 22-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is the eighth release from the Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Company and the third in the Rhetoric series of progressively aged whiskeys. Aged two years longer than the first release, it is slightly more mature and carries a higher proof. The whiskey will continue to be progressively aged and re-released annually at a year older, allowing whiskey aficionados to collect the series and compare the whiskeys side-by-side. Beginning with hints of toasted grains, cherries and oak wood, Rhetoric 22-Year-Old tastes of toasted oak, dark chocolate with ripe banana and baking spices of clove and anise. The finish is long and woody ending with dark chocolate notes..

    750ml Price $199.99


    Rhetoric Orphan Barrel Bourbon 23 year old

    The Orphan Barrel Whiskey Company was started to share barrels of rare and delicious whiskey, hidden away and nearly forgotten in the back of rickhouses and distilleries. Stories of these lost whiskeys have become the stuff of legend. Our goal is to bottle these rare, small offerings for the world to try. Every Orphan Barrel is hand bottled in Tullahoma, Tennessee, to ensure that these rare whiskeys are treated with the care they deserve – because some of them will only be available once. And once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.

    750ml Price $199.99


    Sagamore Spirit Straight Rye Cask Strength 114 proof

    Full-bodied with notes of dark chocolate. Surprising flavors of honeysuckle and citrus with a touch of caramel. Deep chestnut. Bold – with black pepper and vanilla

    750ml Price $79.99


    Sagamore Straight Rye Double Oak

    Three diamonds. Two Barrels. One extraordinary Straight Rye Whiskey. After aging our award-winning spirit for four years, we place it into a second oak barrel-and wait. The new toasted staves reenergize the aging process, creating flavors full of caramel and dark vanilla and colors that radiate amber and warm chestnut. It’s a straight rye whiskey perfect for the spirit of celebration.

    750ml Price $69.99


    Sagamore Straight Rye Moscatel Barrel Finished

    Risks worth taking-that’s the Sagamore Spirit. We finished our award-winning Straight Rye Whiskey in moscatel wine barrels, creating a bold Moscatel Barrel Finished Whiskey that defies the norm. The taste reveals a surprising blend of fruit and spice, with an extraordinary aroma of gentle sweetness. Our unique spring-fed water is the finale to this whiskey, creating a spirit unrestrained by the rules.

    750ml Price $99.99


    Smooth Ambler Contradiction Straight Bourbon 100 proof

    96 PTS Ultimate Beverage Challenge

    Intensely pungent, aromas of stone fruit pies and honeyed tea waft powerfully from the glass. The velvety liquid glides over the tongue as flavors of ripe peaches and raspberries envelope the palate with a pleasant mace and cinnamon spice.

    750ml Price $49.99


    Taconic Double Barrel Bourbon W/Maple Syrup

     Two Hudson Valley Classics – Bourbon and Maple Syrup. We empty our Bourbon barrels then send them to Catskill Mountain Sugarhouse who fills them with their delicious maple syrup. After a few months of aging, we bottle the barrel aged maple syrup. We immediately refill those same barrels with our bourbon. This sweet and floral whiskey spends another few months in the barrels to become our annual release of Double Barrel Bourbon Whiskey with Maple Syrup. On its own (Copper’s preference) or in a cocktail, the combination is a smooth spirit with a warm, lasting finish that will put a smile on your face. Nice work, New Yorkers!

    750ml Price $49.99


    Taconic Founders Rye Whiskey

    Named for our country’s founding fathers, Taconic Distillery’s Founder’s Rye Whiskey is aged in virgin American white oak barrels to a golden caramel color. Rye lovers will appreciate its bold, spicy flavor with a mildly sweet finish. Delicious in cocktails and decidedly smooth when sipped neat or on the rocks.

    750ml Price $49.99


    Taconic Straight Bourbon Barrel Strength

    Sometimes creating something to its maximum potency is a good idea. Our Limited Edition Barrel Strength Bourbon, bottled at 115 proof, is both bold and refreshing, with aromas of light vanilla kissed with hints of honey and caramel.

    750ml Price $79.99


    Taconic Straight Bourbon Dutchess Private Reserve

    Straight Bourbon Whiskey – Described as subtle and sophisticated. A beautiful bouquet of spice and honey with gentle notes of vanilla coming out to provide for a smooth finish. This is a bourbon for sharing with friends.

    750ml Price $49.99


    Taconic Straight Rye Cask Strength

    The color is a reddish bronze, and the juice looks a bit thin, with no legs to speak of showing its youth. The nose reaches up my nostrils tingling with a hint of sweet fruit, vanilla and a slight oak spice.

    750ml Price $79.99


    Virgil Kaine Bourbon Ashcat High Rye 2016

    Virgil Kaine’s first detour from our three original whiskeys. A limited edition that strikes a balanced blend between the sweetness of a wheated bourbon, the spice of High-Rye bourbon and tannins derived from sherry casks. Which is all just a fancy way of saying we created a great tasting bourbon we hope you love as much as we loved making it. Savor this one. When it’s gone, it’s gone.

    750ml Price $89.99


    Weller Special Reserve Wheated Bourbon

    The Original Wheated Bourbon Whiskey features an exceptionally smooth taste, substituting wheat for rye grain. Bottled at 90 proof, this bourbon stands out with its burnt orange color. Its softer flavor notes make this bourbon great for sipping or making cocktails.
    A sweet nose with a presence of caramel. Tasting notes of honey, butterscotch, and a soft woodiness. It’s smooth, delicate and calm. Features a smooth finish with a sweet honeysuckle flair.

    750ml Price $79.99


    Whistle Pig The Boss Hog “The Independent” III Rye

    WhistlePig The Boss Hog The Independent Single Cask Barrel Strength Straight Rye Whiskey is a limited-edition companion to the original WhistlePig Straight Rye Whiskey and is also crafted from 100% rye grains. After the rye is distilled, WhistlePig Boss Hog is aged in a combination of new American oak and second-use bourbon casks for over thirteen years. The maturation process tames the intense notes of the rye with soft hints of vanilla, caramel and butterscotch. After maturation, each bottle of WhistlePig The Boss Hog is bottled from a single barrel at barrel strength (the whisky is not diluted with water).

    750ml Price $299.99


    Whistle Pig Farmstock Rye

    FarmStock is a historic step in realizing our vision of creating a true farm-to-bottle whiskey. It is the manifestation of the dream that launched the company: to produce the finest whiskey in the world from our Vermont farm. Rye Crop 001 marries the untamed contours and boldness of our estate whiskey, which only youth can provide, with the richness of our best five to six-year ryes, topped off with the splendor of our 12 Year whiskey. Nose: Abundant oak, vanilla, caramel, toffee, and mint. Palate: Caramel, cinnamon, and baking spices prevail with hints of citrus and stone fruit. Finish: Complex and enduring finish featuring winter fruit, dark chocolate, tobacco, butterscotch, and vanilla founded in classic rye spice.

    750ml Price $125.99


    WhistlePig Old World Rye 12 year old

    Rye inspired by Old World barrel-aging traditions. This 86-proof 12 year-old Rye Whiskey is a marriage of whiskeys aged in New American Oak and ingeniously finished in Port (7%,) French Sauternes (30%,) and Madeira casks (63%). We’ve taken the elements that are most quintessential in an American rye – boldness and character – and fused them with the elegance and grace of an 18 year old Scotch. Nose: Caramel, vanilla, and winter fruit. Palate: Rye spice, apricots, plums, raisins, dates, and honey. Finish: Dark chocolate, winter fruit, caramel, and vanilla

    750ml Price $119.99


    WhistlePig Straight Rye 10 year old

    94 Points Ultimate Beverage Challenge

    Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2011 Finalist. A bold and assertive style with plenty of soft, silky caramel and baked fruit notes to offer a sweet platform for all of the intense pepper and clove flavors. An intriguing whiskey with charm and passion..

    750ml Price $79.99


    WhistlePig Straight Rye 15 year old

    97 Points Wine Enthusiast

    At 92 proof & our oldest whiskey, this is the first WhistlePig product finished in Vermont Estate Oak harvested right from our farm. Vermont oak has more rings than the standard oak used in whiskey barrels, and each ring is an opportunity to impart more flavor and depth in the whiskey. With a score of 97 points from Wine Enthusiast and perfected over 15 years, we are proud to offer this pure expression of Vermont’s best. Nose: Deep and rich, dominated by caramel, vanilla, and oak with hints of allspice and burnt orange. Palate: Warm, rich, and slightly creamy. Loads of butterscotch and baking spice with leather and a hint of tobacco. Finish: Ultra long and rich, warm, and inviting

    750ml Price $299.99


    Widow Jane Straight Bourbon 10 year old

    90 Points Wine Enthusiast

    From chocolate maker Cacao Prieto comes an innovative Bourbon made with water from the Widow Jane mine in Rosendale, NY-an unusual limestone-rich source similar to those found in Kentucky. Aged for seven years in American oak, the spirit needs a little time to open up and coax forth vanilla and cola-like notes on the palate. Distinctly sweet on the palate, most of the flavor is on the finish, with a flourish of sarsaparilla, vanilla, cola and allspice..

    375ml Price $45.99

    750ml Price $79.99


    Widow Jane Rye

    When rye comes off the still it is sweet, grassy, and floral. A traditional “spicy” characteristic all come from the barrel. With this whiskey, our goal was to lightly oak the rye distillate in our 7-year bourbon barrels with added fresh oak and applewood staves. This is a light, tropical “summer” rye and makes for some great cocktails. A good bitter, or a splash of vermouth or ginger beer goes a long way.

    750ml Price $59.99


    Willet Bourbon Pot Still Reserve

    Bottled in a very unique and classic pot still decanter. The nose is delicate and refined and the palate is quite graceful. An easy drinking whiskey. A nice counterbalance of flavors with the different grains lending an equal amount of creaminess, spiciness and floral elements. On the finish there is a mint presence, some nice spiciness and a wonderful earthy woods characteristic reminiscent of a campfire.

    750ml Price $99.99